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Get our Praise-worship makossa backing tracks

A backing track is an “instrument only” music arrangement, that has been created by a music producer so that you as a musician can use it to practice your  “solo’s” and “chord changes” on your musical instrument whenever you are practicing.

Are you a saxophonist, trumpeter, guitarist or a pianist? These backing tracks will be very helpful to you.

We have some great and unique backing tracks for you. Take a closer look below.

We’ve got:

  • Makossa Backing track
  • Reggae Backing Track
  • Slow Highlife Backing Track
  • Fast Highlife Backing Track
  • Tungba Backing Tracks(popularly known as juju music, its mainly played in weddings and birthday celebrations by local bands in Nigeria)
  • Blues Backing Track
  • Afro(fela Anikulapo’s kind of music)
  • worship backing track
  • Praise backing track
  • Fuji backing track

You need these backing tracks so you can perfect your soloing technique before you meet the real band in the outside world; it might be your church, school or a concert.

Get yourself prepared before you meet that real band again. 

One backing track costs 500Naira.

You can get two backing tracks for the cost of 750Naira 

You can make the payment into any of these account details through bank transfer or bank deposit:

Access Bank
Osiberu Michael Opeyemi

 After you’ve made the payment send us a mail with a screen shot of the transfer or picture of the teller you used to make the bank deposit.

The backing tracks will then be sent to you via your email address so you can download them to your phone or computer to listen and begin to practice.

You can send call 09039282106 or drop a message on whatsapp for more enquiries: 09055222945

or send us a mail through: [email protected]