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Chord progression/solfa of “nobody greater” by Vashawn Mitchell


This is chord progression of “Nobody Greater” by Vashawn Mitchell in tonic solfa so that beginners can easily understand. The song is in the key Key Gb.

wise man playing nobody greater on the piano

You can get the backing track nobody greater in the video below:

You might be seeing taw, fi, and di, follow this scale so you would understand: d di r ri mi f fi s ze l taw t d.

taw                                                        fah
I climbed on to the highest mountain, Looked all around
s /d d
Couldn’t find nobody
taw                                                       f
Went down into the deepest valley, Look all around down there
s /d d
Could find nobody
taw/r                                                  taw (m,d)   di/fi (r,taw)
I went across the deep blue sea, Couldn’t find one to compare
To your grace, and love, your mercy
f                                                            d
Nobody greater, nobody greater than you

s                            f
Search all over, Couldn’t find nobody
s/t                               f
I look high and low, Still couldn’t find nobody
taw (taw,r,f,f,taw)     f (f,l,d,d,f)            d
Nobody greater,     nobody greater, nobody greater than you

s  l/s  s  r/s  s  d  r/d  d
Nobody can heal,                                 Like you can
s  l/s  s  r/s  s        d/l  r/l  d/l
All most holy one,                           You are the great I am
ze/t              r/m                                 l        f/r
Awesome in all your ways, And mighty is your hand
taw/r                               r/s  m/fi
You are he, who carried out redemption plan
m r s/d                          m/l    fi/ze
You are he, who carried out redemption plan

The key would now change to Ab.


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