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Chord Progression Tonic solfa for “Imela” by steve crown for bass guitarist and pianist


This is the Chord Progression of “Imela” by Steve Crown. It is written in tonic solfa for easy understanding. With the Tonic Solfa you can play it on any key you choose.

pianist playing imela by steve crown on the piano

The Intro of the song is:

m r s
m f m r s l t
t d
s f

d r m r s
r m d r (t d t l)
d t s

Now to the body of the song:

From the part of:

You’re the reason I live
d                                        t
You’re the air that I breath
l                                             f
The progression is

d t l f in that arrangement:

and it goes on and on like that…the “t” can be substituted for “s”. I.e we can use d s l f, but use d t l f for now. We would still switch to d s l f.

Then from the part of

God of all the earth
d                                   s
Alpha omega  Adonai We bow before thee
l                     f

For the part of

Ooooooo oooooo ooooo
You would go back to d t l f



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