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Chord Progression in tonic solfa of “Otuaka Chinekayima: Agidigba oo”


This is the Chord progression of this very popular praise song in Nigerian gospel music. The title of the song is “Agidigba ooo”. The most important thing an instrumentalist should know is playing the correct progression of the song.
nigerian small boy playing agidigba oo on the piano

It is very important.

The progression is written under the syllabe of the lyrics in tonic solfa(so you can play it easily on any key) where they should appear when you are singing it.
Otuaka chinikayima
d                             f
Agidigba oo EE  EE EEE
                 d                  s
Agidigba oo
So the progression of that song is simply 1   4    1    5     1
                                                                   d   f     d    s     d
just in-case if you dont know already, you can use these basic chords to play them
d    d m s
f     f l d
s     s t r
Have Fun. Don’t forget to find time to score a song everyday. It is your only chance to improving.


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