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Chord Progression in Tonic solfa of “Only you Jesus” by Ada Ehi

only you jesus chord progression ada ehi

This is the chord progression in solfa notation of “Only you Jesus” by Ada Ehi. You can get the solfa notation of the “only you Jesus” here. Make sure you don’t forget to share this tutorial with your friends. I’m sure they would find it helpful.

Only You can do…
d                        f
What no man can do
s                           f
Only You can say!
d                       f
What no man can say
s                            f
Only You can Change
d                       f
Every Situation at all
s                            f
Only You are able
d                       f
Daddy so so You are Capable
s                     f

Just like You walked through the streets of galilee
d                         f                                             s
Resp: You are doing the same today
f                               d
Call: And like You healed the sick and You raised the dead
f                                      s
Resp: You are doing the same today
f                                d…….

This is a video tutorial below:


The progression continues like that in circles till the end of the song. d f s f

d – d m s
f – f l d
s – s t r

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