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Bass Line/ Chord Progression of “Arugbo Ojo” by “Minister Kenn”


Chord Progression in solfa notation of “Arugbo Ojo” by Minister kenn

minister kenn arugbo ojo

The chord progression of arugbo ojo  is simply:

lah     fah   doh   soh

in some instances, “lah” was replaced with “reh”

The heavens declare your power and royalty
lah                                     fah                     doh
Lord You reign
King of all ages, You are the Ancient of days
lah                        fah                               doh
Lord You reign
Your throne is established in justice and righteousness
lah                                fah                             doh
Lord You reign
Great are You Lord, and greatly to be praised
lah                           fah                        doh
Lord You reign
We cry holy, holy is our God
lah     fah  doh    soh
Let Your glory, glory fill this place
lah      fah     doh      soh
Arugbo Ojo
lah         fah
Arugbo Ojo
doh          soh
Iwo l’aseda, l’awon eda, l’ameda oh!
lah             fah         doh                    soh
Arugbo Ojo
lah      fah
Arugbo Ojo
doh          sohIwo l’oni iyin, kaabo, kaabo
lah         fah       doh
Ma rora            soh
Arugbo Ojo

Bass Line of “arugbo Ojo” by Minister Kenn

You need to watch the video tutorial above to really understand how the bass line sounds.

the bass line started with


then when it goes to the part of “We cry holy holy”
it goes like this                             f    m    r      f          s l d     d r s

then it goes on to be

l l l l
f f f f
d d d d
s s s s

and it continues like that over and over again.


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