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10 Solfa notation of Nigerian praise songs

Why do you need the solfa notation of Nigerian praise songs?

solfa notation of Nigerian praise songs

10 Igbo praise and worship songs Tonic Solfa

You might ask yourself why you need the solfa notation of Nigerian praise songs as an instrumentalist; or as an upcoming pianist guitarist or saxophonist. You need to keep in mind that you can play the same solfa notation on the piano, guitar, saxophone, and trumpet E.t.c. So you don’t need to ask if the solfa notation can be played on a violin.

10 Solfa notation of Nigerian worship Songs

Playing Tonic solfa on drums

Although, you cannot play the solfa notation on percussion instruments like the drum set, talking drum, omelet, and konga. You might want to say that on the talking drum, there are three notes or intonations which are do, reh and mi. This is because the talking drum as its name implies is used to communicate in the Yoruba dialect. The Yoruba dialect has three major tones which is do, reh and mi.


20 Solfa notation of common hymns

Therefore the talking drum is programmed to have those three tonalities. However you cannot play these tonalities in different keys just like you can do on the piano and other instruments. This is why the tonic solfa does not apply to the talking drum. Irrespective of the key of play during praise and worship or gig, the talking drum will rhyme perfectly without distorting the music just like every other percussion instrument.

You need to know or have a very good idea of the tonic solfa of songs that you play because it is the basis for your chord progression and solo over the chord changes.

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Playing Hymns Tonic solfa

Let us assume that you want to play hymns on your piano for example, many hymns do not have a uniform or linear chord progression like many contemporary songs that you know. Many contemporary songs just comprise of four chords for their chord changes on repeat; Hymns are built differently with complex chord changes.

You might not be able to memorize the long and un-uniform chord changes, but if you know the tonic solfa of the song, which is easier to memorize; then you would be able to apply relatives on resting points of the tonic solfa as their chord changes. This is a very easy technique to accompany hymns when it is being sang in a gathering or in the church. It is like killing two birds with a stone. If you know the tonic solfa of the hymn, then you can lead/solo the hymnal and you can also accompany it.

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Praise and worship Tonic solfa notation of nigerian praise songs on the saxophone

We have had enough of hymns for now, how about your regular praise and worship songs solfa? I am assuming that you are a saxophonist and you are asked to lead the church in praise and worship sessions. You know very well that you would not be singing but will be blowing gracefully into your saxophone. You would need to have the tonic solfa of these songs in your head to do this.

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There are some people who are hearing a song for the first time and while they would definitely be able to play the song on their saxophone the very next moment. This skill comes with a lot of practice and dedication. Although, it is a rare gift for some people to easily pull this off. I strongly believe there are some contributing factors that would lead to this; they might not be able to remember the factors or happenings that would let them pull this off but it will come naturally.

Being in the choir made me know tonic solfa

Being in the choir for quite a long time, singing and memorizing tonic solfas every Thursdays and Saturdays had great impact in my life as a musician. I can tell the tonic solfa of a song in seconds without having a musical instrument nearby. I did not initially know that singing and memorizing these tonic solfas would go a long way to help me when I begin t play the guitar until I started. It boosted my confidence because the lead guitar is more of a lead/solo instrument. I just needed to work on my finger patterns and improve on my speed.

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Many people in the Western world call the usage of the sofa notation to play “playing by ear”. Their praise and worship sessions are usually pre-arranged with everyone knowing what to play with arranged scripts that they would have to follow. In Africa mostly Nigerians are accustomed to playing by ear from childhood. This is mainly due to the fact that they learned using solfa notations.

Learning to play your musical instruments starting from music theory might be a bit boring and stuff but you could spice things off on the side by practicing this tonic solfa of popular praise and worship songs. You could also use these to brag that you can play when your family and friends are around. You should not bore them to sleep with your noisy fingering and speed-building practice.

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Do you ever dream of playing the solo of a song you are hearing for the first time, It’s pretty easy, all you have to do is to train your mind and ear towards achieving it. How do you do that? By scoring out the solfa notation of almost every song you know; take these ones below as examples:

Tonic solfa of Immortal God, Invisible God

Immortal God            d m m d

Invisible God              d f f f m

Immortal God             s m m d

How great thou art      m r t d

Solfa notation of Ogozimagozi

ogozimagozi               s s m m f f

o gozimagozi               s s r r m m

ogo zimagozi               s s m m f f

ogozi magozi               s s r r m m

oya chinwe: ogozimagozi       s s s m d:::d d s s l l

chinwe: ogozimagozi            f r t:::t t t t d d

Play these 10 Solfa Notation of songs on the Trumpet

Tonic solfa of Akanakwe

ohioo ===== sai           s l s===d

Akanakwe                    m m d r

A kanakwe                    f f r m

Ak anakwe   kwe kwe                 m m d r : r : r :

akana mo bi ni ye basi              f f r t t  r r d d d

Tonic solfa of 10 Nigerian worship songs

Solfa notation of Since I was born

Since I was born               d m f s

But now I am getting old o     s d m m l l s m

I have seen                       m m s s

Seen the Lord changeth     f f s f m m

Angels have you seen       s s s l s m

Oh no no no since I was born       m s f l m s r f

I have never                     m m s s

seen the Lord changeth      f f s f m m

Tonic solfa of Father to you oooo

Father to you oo         s s s d s

be all the glory           m s f m r r

to you oo                   s l s

be all the glory           f m r d d

Solfa Notation of the Nigerian National Anthem

Solfa notation of My Praise

Joy Over flow oo          m r m r d

joy over flow in my life       m r m r d r r m

sing a new song to Lord      m m r r d d t t d

I will praise your name        s m f m r

I will worship you               f r s f m r re

Glory Halleujah                  s m f m r m f

Sing a new song to the Lord      m m r r d d t t d

Tonic solfa of we lift your name higher

We lift your name higher            s s m s d d

W e lift your name higher            s s m s f f

We. lift your name higher            f f m r s s

We lift your name higher            s s d r d d

Solfa notation of Hallelujah na your own ooo

Halleujah na your own oo           s s l l m m f r

Baba oo                         r f m

Halleujah na your own oo           m m f f d d r t

Baba oo                         d r d

Tonic solfa of Baba!!!!! mi loke Baba

Baba (4x) Baba loke                  d d s s l l f f r l l s

B aba                                         s s

Bab a o  Baba o                          mrd mrd

Ba ba loke                                  l r d t

Baba.                                         d d


There is a material that contains over 350 solfa notation of Nigerian praise songs and another ebook that includes the chord progression of over 150 praise and worhip songs.

once you can lay your hands on playing all these solfa notation of nigerian praise songs on your right hand and accompany them with your chords on your left hand, you will definitely be able to play praise and worship up to 75% level in the church.

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