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My Success story as a pianist

Olasokun Kayode at softsound Production studio
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My fellow choristers. I don’t know what they need for them to fall in love with Music, and not just love for Music, but also desire to know music as it ought to be.
I struggled to get to this point and I’m struggling still to get out. I started
putting interest in music in 2012, I had someone who was to put me through. After a few weeks of training, after I had learnt drmfsltd, doh fah soh chord, lesson stopped. I stayed for about a year without music, I almost forgot I was learning Music.

Until sometime in 2014 I got hooked up with someone who helped me with progression. How to apply those doh fah soh chord while a singer is active( Learn progressions and their applications with videos). He introduced me to a new Chord, lah(A minor). Lol.

That was what we called it then… Doh Fah Soh…
The new teacher didn’t last too..

Ever since I reconciled. The love grew. My passion for it grew. As at 2015 or so, I was in several groups. I don’t study much as I used too. I didn’t have a teacher, my choir was managing me.

They would hire instrumentalists for Major programs in church such as festivals, general thanksgiving, even concerts, but I decided not to give up. I went into theory. My pastor wanted me to write a music exam. He wanted me to take a professional course in music. I couldn’t enroll in MUSON(Musical Society of Nigeria) as I planned because of the cost. The more I looked into Music the more I loved it and wanted to know more.

Do you know I’ve prayed and I’m still praying, that God should help me watch my hunger for music? So it doesn’t outgrow my desire/hunger for Him. My people also thought Music has nothing to offer.
You just become something else. They believe you can’t survive on Music. Only if someone saw the light and believed in God in me, and supported me earlier in my music career.

I finished school few years ago. 2013. That’s Secondary School, I never wrote JAMB until last year. I wrote Music and I did well. I have never attended a Music School. Thanks to WhatsApp groups. All glory to God Almighty.

I found out what I can offer with Music right now. And I am building on it. As much as I know Theory is good, practical is also necessary if you want to be a good player, but for a person like me who has no visible teacher other than the ones I met online. Someone who has no one to show him the theories he learnt, where and how to use them. Sometimes, it seems like I made the wrong choice venturing into Music at first, but, I know I have a purpose with Music. I know I’m not a very good player, and I may not be able to teach practically. I know I can help someone understand the basic knowledge of Music rightly.
And that’s what I have decided to offer. I think I can lay good foundation for Music

You’ve read it now right? Yeah. So what excuse do you still have?
Sssh you don’t have an excuse to fail in life. We would always enjoy your success stories but, stories of how and why you failed, We don’t want to hear!!!

Get Up and Find Your Way to The Top Even If You Have To Crawl!

Generations Are Awaiting You. Don’t Fail Them, Don’t Fail Yourself, Don’t Fail God.


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