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Learn to play the bass guitar

This is a beginner bass guitar lesson online compilation. So if you are reading this, it means you have some interest in playing the bass guitar. Perhaps you are just looking for a way to learn to play the bass guitar.

You are welcome to Michael Phils Music where we we give you the bass guitar tutorials so you can learn to play the bass guitar from the scratch. So sit tight while we un-ravel the mystrey behind that back ground solid hum in every song you listen to. Don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel to get plenty helpful videos


Bass Guitar Lessons

What is a bass guitar?

Parts of the bass guitar

Function of the bass guitar in the band

Finger exercises for the left hand on bass guitar

Finger exercises for the right hand on the bass guitar

Major scale on the bass guitar

Minor Scale on the bass guitar

Building Major chords on the bass guitar

Building Minor chords on the bass guitar

Application of Major and Minor chords on the bass guitar

Augumented chords on the bass guitar

Diminished chords on the bass guitar

Seventh chords on the bass guitar

  Stay tuned for more updates. This is not the end…

There is a material that contains over 350 Nigerian praise and worship songs and another ebook that contains the chord progression of over 150 praise and worhip songs.

once you can lay your hands on playing all the solfas on your right hand and accompany them with your chords on your left hand, you would definitely be able to play praise and worship up to 75% level in the church.

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