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4 Basic things you need to know before play your piano to a song


What are the basic simple things to know before you can play to a song.

1. You need to know the key of the song. Most of us still find it difficult in getting the key of a song. Well the truth is that you would get better at it everyday as long as you keep trying, by trying i mean practicing. Play a song from your phone, try to
get the key. It might take you a very long time to get the key, but like I said ealier, it gets esaier everyday. The video above will guide you on how you can get the key of a song.

2. You need to know how to move easily from one chord to another. This means that you should have had some chord progression exercises before hand. If you can’t move smoothly from one chord to another, you would make the music lag. Therefore, get back to your reharsals and practice your progression exercises. Click here to check out our video series on basic progression exercises.

Click here to know how to get the ebook of chord progression of over 100 nigerian praise and worship songs and their progressions.

3. You should know the progression of the song, even if you are hearing it for the first time. If you have been scoring songs yourself, this shouldn’t be a problem for you. Sitting down to score songs will only make you improve. Make it a responsibility to score a song everyday, I can assure you that if you hear a new song, it wont take you a minute to decipher the progression.

4. You should know how give an interlude. Play the progression of the song with the left hand using chords and play the solo on the right hand. Practice makes perfect. You can practice this using hymns. Playing hymns go a long way to help you do this.


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